Design by Essence in Conjunction with Lamydas SolutionsLESAM Global Concept proudly presents a-3week intense design training tagged:
"the Art of Illustration v2.5".

"the Art of Illustration v2.5" is a core design training that will focus on equipping you with vital Illustrative skills to achieve fantastic vector based designs in record time. Learn the secret behind professional print and web based designs. 

Programme Outline
Sat. Day1 - Introduction to the Print and Web environment
Print - Colour mode (CMYK), SI Units
Web - Colour mode (RGB & Hexadecimals), SI Units
Sketching & Illustrating
Using Bilateral Symmetry theory
Understanding 2D in 3D - Top, Right & Left
Illustrating Software: CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator

Wed. Day 2 - Illustration begins: Bezire tool, Shape tool, Envelope tool, and freehand tool. 
Practice Lesson: Illustrating the Windows Logo
Theory: The User Interface Industry and its Global Impact

Sat. Day 3 - Illustration: Using Invisible Guide Lines & Equi-distribution, 
Practice Lesson: Pencil and Paper Illustration
Theory: File Formats (.jpg, .png, .swf, .gif etc )

Wed. Day 4 - Illustration: Creating Graduated Objects (Clocks, Rulers etc.), 
Practice Lesson: Illustrating a Swatch wrist watch Part 1
Theory Lesson: Typography for the Web and Print

Sat. Day 5 - Illustration: Illustrating 3D Objects, Using Fill Tools and working with perspective
Practice Lesson: Illustrating a Swatch wrist watch Part 2
Theory: The Colour theory

Wed. Day 6 - Concluding Lessons: 
Theory: Designing for Screen Display
Tutorial Summary

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